One Card, Every Card

Add every card to your Quattro Account and drop your wallet. This is one card for all your cards.

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    Find anything you want to buy

    This can be anything. An online purchase, a car rental, a flight or your regular groceries.

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  • 2

    Choose your card

    Use your standard card or change to a different card. Easy to change to optimize your payments.

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    Make the Payment

    Pay the same way you pay any other way. The magic of Quattro happens after the purchase.

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    Review your payment in your account

    Review all the details in your Quattro Account. See the card which we charged, the name of the payment and the location.

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Easy to use, easy to carry

With Quattro you only have to carry one card to have access to all your cards. Simply choose which card you want to charge.

  • Money
    Simple pricing
    Free to use
  • Pc
    Available everywhere
    Any place you can pay
  • Debit card
    Choose the card
    Easily choose your card

Start using Quattro today!

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