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  • What is Quattro?

    Quattro is a new type of payment methode where you only need to carry around one card to access all your other cards. In our App you can simply choose which card to use when you make a payment with your Quattro card.

  • What are the advantages of Quattro?

    With Quattro you don't have to carry around a plastic mountain of cards. With your Quattro card you can access all these cards when you make a payment. Using Quattro is as easy as using any other card.

  • When is my card charged when I make a payment?

    When you use your Quattro card to make payments we will immediately charge your underlaying card.

  • When can I start using Quattro?

    Quattro in now being tested in beta. After the beta Quattro is open for the public and can be used by anyone.

  • How can I use Quattro?

    You can use Quattro straight out of the app! Currently we are having a private beta. To be the next person on the app sign up on our waiting list at the bottom of the page to be the next person to use the app.

  • What is the cost of using Quattro?

    Our pricing is simple: Quattro is free to use. Now and forever. In the future we may offer premium accounts but our Transparent account is always free.

  • Where can I use Quattro?

    Quattro can be used in any store (online and offline) where you can pay with a payment card. Using Quattro works the same as any other payment card.

  • In what country can I use Quattro?

    Quattro is first launching in Europe. So, if you are a resident of a country which is member of the European Union you can start using Quattro. 

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